Acting Audition 2014 Venue | City | Date

[wpfcNOT]Acting applicants self-schedule their audition using the online application process. This audition held in New haven, Chicago, San Francisco and last final Audition held in Yale School of Drama, 217 Park Street,  New Haven, CT.

Acting Audition 2014

New haven Audition Details

Audition City:-New haven

Audition date :-

January 2014 -18, 19, 24, 25, 26, 31
February 2014- 1, 2

Audition venue :- New Haven, auditions are scheduled at the School of Drama, 149 York Street.For The more Info About Venue Click here

Chicago Audition Details

Audition City:-Chicago

Audition Date:-February 2014- 4, 5

Audition Venue :-In Chicago, the Hyatt Regency is at 151 East Wacker Drive, Chicago [ Search By Google Maps]


San Francisco Audition Details

Audition City :- San Francisco

Audition date:-February-2014 8, 9

Audition Venue :-San Francisco the American Conservatory Theater is at 30 Grant Avenue [ Search By  Google Maps]


Final Acting Audition details

Audition City:-New Haven

Audition date:-February-2014 22, 23, 24

Audition Venue :-  Yale School of Drama, 217 Park Street,  New Haven, CT.


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