Best Singer of India 2014 Audition Details | Audition Rules

This “Best Singer of India -2014”is open for all Indians residing in any part of the world. The winner will get the title of the “Best Singer of India”.

In Best Singer of India 2014 contest any contestant can sing any Hindi or otherwise sing any regional film song.All contestants will present their song in the presence of a Judge, the beginning and the middle portion of the song. Thereafter it will be selected for the final round.

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Audition Age Requirement 

  • 14 year to 18 years
  • 19 year  to 26 years
  • Open section the contestant may be of any age

Winners Prizes

From all the best of groups the winners will get 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize (trophy) and cash on having declared as the recipient of the awards.

Audition process 

All contestants taking part will have to inform all details about their hobbies on a separate sheet along with one post-card size photograph in cover. [More..]

Registration Process

All the selected singers will also have to participate in the social function to be held thereafter for fund raising event free of charge, and then only if this condition is acceptable the contestant can participate in this competition.

This contest is organized under the auspices of Academy of Cultural Activities and Art Institute. [More…] 

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