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Bhauji No.1 is a Realty talent show of Bhojpuri world. who is “Bhauji No.1”? Find through contests. Help of this show is searching humble Housewife to showcase their confidence and hidden talent.

After successful previous all seasons Mahuaa TV is back with “Bhauji No.1 “- season 6 2014. Upcoming season will be very entertaining from last all seasons. Famous Bhojpuri Film and Television artist, Vinay Anand, will be hosting the show once again.

Bhauji No.1 Season 6 2014 Audition Details

Bhauji No.1  have just been announced season 6 Audition start will earlier month of 2014 and More about Bhauji No.1 season 6 2014 updates will be coming soon so keep checking back for all of the audition news for this incredible series and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us why you want to be a part of the faith and fun of Bhauji No.1 seasons heavenly hit show Bhauji No.1.

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