Boogie Woogie Season 8 Audition and Online Registration

Boogie Woogie India missed a Time popular live dancing competition. It was famous in the whole India. Children hear the name of the dance was possessed. Boogie Woogie Kids Season 7 of the show in the last championship was ended with big Popularities. Abhishek Sinha was the winner of this season. judges fixed and director of the show is Javed Jaffrey and Ravi Behl. Every season of the show is shown on Sony Entertainment Network.

boogie woogie

mind blowing season is expected to be up again after the audition. Stay tuned because Boogie Woogie auditions for Season 8. The audition date as soon as we confirm the details and online registration details will update the audition. If you like the show or why you want to participate in the show is not only what is the dream of participating in the show shared by your comment. For new audition social media Join Us Facebook | Google+ | Twitter and BookMark to

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