I Can Do That Show Watch On ZEE TV

“I Can Do That” This challenge show is about to begin soon on Zee TV. Is going to host the show Indian film actor, singer, writer and director Farhan Akhtar is the Indian edition of the international format ‘I Can Do That’.

How it will play

The unique, one-of-its-kind format will have 12 popular celebrities from different walks of life step out of their comfort zones and perform absolutely stunning, never-seen-before, entertaining acts.

The show will challenge them to outdo each other in a wide range of tasks, from intricate dance choreography to magic and illusion… from flair bartending to daredevil stunts and much more.

The host will be an integral part of the show, playing the role of a friend, confidant and motivator to the celebrities. He will not just be a presenter but also a binding force between the audience & celebrities. Not just astound the audiences but also themselves by taking up challenges they never imagined they could stand up to!

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