Zee TV India’s Best Judwaah Registration Online and Auditions Details

The first time in India, popular roadies boy Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman coming with the new and unique reality show. India’s best Judwaah you never saw, Zee TV will broadcast the show with India’s unique Judwaah. If you are Judwaah then participates because we will pit 12 identical twins from across the country.

The judwaah brothers our sister they have to participate various type Challange of games. If you are 18 years old and judwaah than participating now India’s Best Judwaah.

Zee TV India’s Best Judwaah Registration Online & Auditions Details

Zee TV India’s Best Judwaah Registration Online Open

If you are above 18 years and ready for taking challenge mentally physically and emotionally then be a part of India’s best Judwaah.

CLICK HERE: Zee TV India’s Best Judwaah Registration Online

To participate in the Audition Registration, Applicant shall be required to upload their videos featuring both twins in the same video.

#How to Give Auditions

Step:1 First of all click on CLICK HERE button has given above.

Step:2 upload your video answering these questions, cheek below.

Step:3 Full all information in the registration form along with uploading Answers videos.

Step: 4 Check the Terms & Conditions and Submit the Button.


  1. Share a story or incident where twinning its advantages and disadvantages.
  2. What makes you and your Twin Special?
  3. What are the five qualities you like and dislike about your twin sibling?

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