Koti Takar Baji 2014 Audition Coming Soon

Koti Takar Baji is a talent based Reality game show of Kolkata. It is the Bengali version of “The Million Dollar Drop” Show. It will air on Star Jalsa.

Koti Takar Baji show is Original set of American show is being replicated here with a few Indian elements. After completed previous season then it is coming with new season Koti Takar Bajin2014 Audition. This season will bigger than last season and also can get biggest prize money than last season.

[wpfcNOT]Koti Takar Baji Contest 2014 Audition

 Rules & Regulation

  1. This show gives the prize money to the contestant(s) at the start of the game itself.
  2. The contestants have to face the question(s)  after that only and they have  to place all the money on one or more of the answers.
  3. Any amount of money placed on a correct answer is carried forward to the next level, the amount placed on an incorrect answer is lost.

Important Note

You need a partner to participate in this show. If you and your partner can answer all the 8 questions right, you can walk away with Ek Koti Taka 2014.

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