LifeIsMusic-Digital Competition 2015 Online Registration

#LifeIsMusic is a musical journey that transcends beyond the limitations of languages and boundaries. Highlighting the true value of musicians in this show.this platform will search for India’s most-elite band. Participants from all over the country will be mentored by none other than the three renowned maestros – Louiz Banks, Taufiq Qureshi and Purbayan Chatterjee.

Watch the journey of these budding musicians unfold as they battle it out on India’s first digital music competition for the ultimate dream – their own band. Come, join in, as we celebrate music, instruments, rhythm, people and life!


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Music Artists & Maestros

  1. Pubayan Chatterjee
  2. Taufiq Qureshi
  3. Louiz Banks
  4. Gino Banks
  5. Shaikhar Naad
  6. Mohini Dey 

LifeIsMusic-Digital Competition 2015 Promo

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