Music Auditions for UCOL 2014 Online

Whanganui UCOL are holding music auditions for those who are interested in being a part of 2014 UCOL Music.We run a Level 4 music program that will help you up skill and enter into the music industry.

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Audition Date

10th Decembar

11th Decembar

Audition Age Limit

No Age Limit

Audition Venu

Whanganui UCOL, 16 Rutland Street, Whanganui

Contact Information & Music Auditions for UCOL 2014 Online 

Apply Online Through FaceBook Page Click here

Important Notes

1) Please make contact with us to book a time to chat to us. For your audition you need to play us two contrasting songs on your chosen instrument/ singing, and chat to us about your musical goals/ aspirations.

2) Any questions please contact us here at music 0800 GO UCOL or message us on Facebook

More Latest’s Audition Details

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