Sab Khelo Sab Jeetto Online Audition Registration Details

Sab Khelo Sab jeetto it is the family game show. The Series is a family game show in which a total of six (6) families are selected for each episode of the game show and selected families compete each other.

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Sab Khelo Sab jeetto Audition Registration Details Mention Below.↓

Audition Step:-


1st Watch your video and select your Format and UPLOAD YOUR VIDEOS UP TO A MAXIMUM SIZE OF 30 MB IN THE FORMAT “MP4”, “AVI”, “WMV”,”3GP””MOV”, “FLV”, “MPEG”,”MPG”, “264”, “3GP2”, “3GPP”, “DVX”, “F4V”, “H264”


Record Your Video according to the guidelines present in thesample video.


Go on Web Registration and Register yourself by clicking on web Audition


Upload Your Video and Submit it.

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