SAB TV Comedy Superstar Audition Details

SAB TV, India’s leading comedy show Comedy Channel’s Turn it.What is shown. Like many of the show SAB TV comedy once again come up with a new show is. The show is called “Comedy superstar” Audition Online Entry is running the show.

SAB TV Comedy Superstar

Image Source : SAB TV

Fnuiest to your comedy material for the show like Dance, Singing, Spoofy, whatever related video Mimicry Field 2-3 to send entries. If you want to be king of comedy, so please do not wait immediately book Register you to submit entries.

If you want to be king of comedy, so please do not wait Register immediately submit your entry to. Last date of its entry 30th May ‘2015, if you wish to participate in the show, so it will be late.

“SAB TV Comedy Superstar Audition : UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO ONLINE By Click Here”

How To Participate 

The five step-by can audition online, then quickly to

Step 1 : You created your video or recorded.

Step 2 : Register Your self by clicking on the Web Auditions.

Step 3 : fill your basic Information & Upload your Created video.

Step 4 : Read TERMS & CONDITIONS carefully Before Submitting your video

Step 5 : Submit your Entry or Video.

You can apply Given Fallow This Image Steps↓

SAB TV Comedy Superstar Audition


Image Source : SAB TV

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