Dance India Dance Super Moms Season 3 Audition Details

Dance India Dance India is the largest of the popular dance show. Dance India Dance is of three types. Dance India Dance Li’l Masters, Dance India Dance and Dance India Dance Moms Spur is for seniors. Dance India Dance Moms Season 2 of the show, in 2015, ended in June. The winner was Harpreet Khatri. India is participating in the show Super Moms. This is India’s first such show which is designed for Moms. It is India Moms fall showing their dance vigor.

Harpreet Khatri

Harpreet Khatri Winner of DID Super Moms | Image Credit – DID

DID Super MOMs 3

DID Super Moms | Image Source : DID (Zee TV)

Process of Dance India Dance Moms

1) Talent Moms Who is phenomenal dancers. Some of India’s full Moms Moms who are selecting.

2) The participants will be trained under talented skippers, who will help mommies shape their destinies and fulfill their dreams of becoming India’s first DID – Super Mom.

3) In the first phase of the competition, the panel of three masters (jury) will judge the participants and eliminate one participant, each week.

4) DID- Super Moms too will be graced by a Grandmaster, who would encourage the enthusiastic mothers and give them useful tips to live their dreams.

5) In the second half of the season, the public will vote for their favorite contestants and on the basis of which the eliminations would take place.

Dance India Dance Moms Season 2 dance again after the end of the show the new season is expected to arrive. The auditions will start soon. India Moms you begin your preparations now for the parties to show something different. Season 3 because one day come. Similar to audition for the new season to come will always keep on this page. Will update soon.

Why it shows why you feel good and want to take part in the hit show. Keep your talk by a comment in the comment box given below.

    1. RAGINI PATIL October 22, 2015
    2. Chhavi October 26, 2015
    3. Pooja Shrimali November 7, 2015
    4. Neha Mishra November 20, 2015
    5. rupamoni borkataki November 22, 2015
    6. Shital Patil December 15, 2015
    7. Sanobar December 27, 2015
    8. Pallavi Gupta January 10, 2016
    9. pallavi February 13, 2016
    10. Swagata March 4, 2016
    11. Preeti Sabhnani March 31, 2016
    12. Leena Borah Das April 16, 2016
    13. Laxmi Denis D'Souza April 19, 2016
    14. poonam sahu April 26, 2016
    15. Heena yadab May 16, 2016
    16. Sonia Siddhesh Naik June 13, 2016
    17. Pragya Vashishtha July 6, 2016
    18. Arpita Chatterjee July 10, 2016
    19. Arpita Chatterjee July 11, 2016
    20. Ravi Kumar October 12, 2016
    21. DIVANSHU GUPTA October 30, 2016
    22. B puspa February 16, 2017
    23. Preeti Pree March 2, 2017

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